TrackMeNot: More Search Privacy

trackmenot.jpgWorried about search privacy?

Plenty of users are in the wake of the much-ballyhooed AOL personal search data leak, as well as the profiling practices of the major search engines.

Enter TrackMeNot, a Firefox plug-in that obfuscates your personal search history.

“It does so not by means of concealment or encryption (i.e. covering one’s tracks), but instead, paradoxically, by the opposite strategy: noise and obfuscation…actual web searches, lost in a cloud of false leads, are essentially hidden in plain view…TrackMeNot works with the Firefox Browser and popular search engines, e.g. AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and MSN, and requires no 3rd-party servers or services,” claims the Web site.

via Threadwatch

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