Traffic Patterns for October 2002

New measurements from Nielsen//NetRatings that allow for more accurate tracking of Internet users revealed high traffic figures for Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL for the month of October 2002.

“Digital Media Universe” (DMU) tracking is expected to add an estimated 10 percent increase to Nielsen//NetRatings’ previous measurement system by combining Web-based traffic with Internet applications and browser channel audience data – including comprehensive measurement of AOL proprietary channels, instant messaging applications, media players, non-browsing ISP applications, wireless content systems, Web phones, news and information toolbars, connected games, weather applications, and auction and shopping assistants.

Manish Bhatia, senior vice president of product marketing and business development for NetRatings, noted the importance of this refined measurement system. “This information is critical to marketers looking to expand their reach beyond the boundaries of the World Wide Web. Tracking of digital media usage equips marketers with the in-house depth data intelligence and analysis they need to plan their advertising strategies and campaigns.”

Top 10 Parent Companies of October 2002
Combined Home & Work
Rank Parent Unique

Time per

1. Microsoft 92,619 2:27:32
2. AOL Time Warner 92,608 7:51:51
3. Yahoo 79,780 2:47:50
4. U.S. Government 38,331 0:23:50
5. Google 37,655 0:25:44
6. Terra Lycos 37,033 0:22:20
7. About-Primedia 34,497 0:16:42
8. RealNetworks 34,369 0:38:30
9. Amazon 33,983 0:17:46
10. eBay 32,483 2:02:52
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Top 10 Brands of October 2002
Combined Home & Work
Rank Brand Unique

Time per

1. Yahoo 79,752 2:47:53
2. Microsoft 78,782 0:46:07
3. MSN 75,517 2:12:50
4. AOL 73,273 8:55:11
5. Google 37,655 0:25:44
6. Lycos Networks 34,681 0:23:14
7. Real 34,163 0:38:40
8. Amazon 33,243 0:15:49
9. eBay 31,460 2:02:38
10. CNN 24,206 0:34:14
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Chart Definitions:
Parent company is a consolidation of multiple domains and URLs owned by a single entity.
Brand is a consolidation of multiple domains and URLs that has a consistent collection of branded content.
Reach is a measure of the unduplicated audience that visits a property.

Notes: Rankings are based on audience measurement of people who have access to the Internet at-home and at-work. Work rankings are based on persons at work who have access to a non-shared personal computer.

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