Travel and Auto Marketers Upped Search Spend in March

Marketers in the travel and automotive space increased their search investment significantly during the month of March, according to data from Efficient Frontier.

The search firm found its travel clients were paying 21 percent more for search ads compared with February numbers, suggesting advertisers across the sector increased their investment over the course of the month.

The automotive sector also appeared to allocate greater budget to search, with the average cost-per-click price increasing 12 percent in the same period in that category.

Meanwhile, retail spend remained relatively flat with just 2 percent month-over-month growth, while investment from the finance sector dipped three percent.

U.S. Average Search CPC by Category, February and March 2010

Category CPC Feb ($) CPC March ($) Change (%)
Automotive 0.49 0.55 12
Finance 1.39 1.35 -3
Retail 0.41 0.42 2
Travel 0.56 0.68 21
Source: Efficient Frontier 2010

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