Tremor Hires VP of Marketing to Start in New Year

shane_steele.jpgA year after leaving Coca-Cola and running her own marketing consulting firm, 13-year media and marketing executive Shane Steele will join Tremor Media as VP of marketing.

Steele will oversee all marketing efforts for the online video ad network starting the first week of January. She will focus on differentiating Tremor from other players in the online video ecosystem and landing blue-chip advertisers. Some of those goals are already accomplished.

“I really like the fact that Tremor’s got a great reputation,” Steele told ClickZ News in an interview. “They’re already working with blue chip companies, the best advertisers,” Steele told ClickZ News in an interview. She said she is pleased “to go into a startup company that’s fast-moving and growing, but already associated with well-established brands, [and] making such a strong reputation in the marketplace.”

Tremor has run in-banner and in-stream video ad campaigns for brands including AT&T, Mars, Fox Searchlight, Microsoft, Tide, L’Oreal, Yahoo, Sony, Pfizer, and, coincidentally, Coca Cola.

Steele replaces Tad Davis, who was previously VP, marketing and creative services. Tremor confirmed Davis is no longer with the company.

“Shane brings a deep understanding of building brands through interactive marketing, as well as an insider’s perspective of working with media and creative agencies,” Jason Glickman, CEO of Tremor Media told ClickZ News. “Her skill set and experience are ideal for enhancing and extending the Tremor Media brand as well as helping our television focused clients to utilize online video in the most effective way.”

Over the past year Steele has been advising companies with her consulting firm Shane Steele Consulting. Clients have included Disney-owned site Take180 and beauty advice site In her consulting role she handled strategic process, planning, positioning and brand architecture, audience development, traffic driving, PR, business development, content syndication, and partnership development. In the process, Steele said she gained exposure around ad operations, though she had developed some in her time as director of emerging media and online advertising at Coca-Cola, a position she held for one of her four years at the soft drink company.

Tremor and Steele connected through a common client, Take180. Take180 produces original video series and allows the community to contribute to the shows. “We looked to Tremor as a new brand to get the content out and get a broader reach as well,” Steele said.

Her time consulting allowed Steele to gain experience in all aspects of start-up companies, though she welcomes the opportunity to become part of a team once again. “I missed being part of a team, and being able to sink my teeth in and being part of something long-term,” she said.

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