Tremor Latest to Roll Out Enhanced Video Units

Tremor Media is joining the list of ad networks introducing enhanced video features for advertisers in a bid to generate greater audience engagement.

The network this week is rolling out a suite of new options called vChoice that allow advertisers to include multiple viewing options in a single pre-roll video ad. After the initial video ad plays, a menu of other options appears. Those options can include other videos, demonstrations or links to other sites. There are also branding opportunities on the player itself.

“The user experience aspect of this is the crux of the story both from the user perspective and publisher side of things,” Shane Steele, VP of marketing for Tremor Media, said. “It puts the user in control.”

Beta testing on the ads started two months ago, with advertisers such as Microsoft, Universal Pictures and Procter & Gamble. Tremor’s network includes around 900 Web sites, all of which provide professional content, such as,, and Fandango.

Universal Pictures used vChoice to advertise its upcoming film “Land of the Lost.” After showing a brief teaser trailer, the video player shows a branded screen that offers viewers three options: View the trailer again, view a full-length trailer, or visit the film’s Web site. Less noticeable is a small link that leads directly to the content the user was seeking; if the viewer takes no action within a few seconds, he is taken directly to that content.

Steele said the network is selling the vChoice units at the same price point as regular pre-roll, but may change the price once it rolls out enhanced metrics reporting.

“When we’re able to have enough of a range of different campaigns and able to collect data on what the interactions and time spent is, we’ll be able to turn that into a cost-per-engagement type model where you’re only paying based on the amount of interaction tied with the ad,” she said.

Others unveiling enhanced video units recently include Video Egg, which introduced a new features aimed at increasing viewer engagement including live updates via RSS feeds and local mapping.

UPDATE: This story originally stated that Tremor will raise prices once it rolls out enhanced metrics reporting. Instead, it may change them, but won’t necessarily raise them.

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