Trend Micro

Trend Micro Inc. provides antivirus and content security software and services. Among others, it offers solutions that protect the flow of information on email servers. It’s email products include the following:

  • ScanMail for Exchange supports the Microsoft Exchange Anti-Virus API (AVAPI) and Extensible Storage Engine API. ActiveUpdate technology provides automatic virus pattern file, scan engine, and patch updates. ScanMail for Exchange detects and removes viruses from inbound and outbound email in real time, performing file attachment blocking with no downtime.

  • ScanMail for Exchange 2000 detects and removes viruses from inbound and outbound email in real time. It scans all attachments before the user can access them to prevent any virus outbreaks. ScanMail for Exchange 2000 provides centralized, real-time virus reporting and notification and software configuration and updating.
  • ScanMail for Lotus Notes allows administrators to enforce companywide email policy with attachment file-type blocking and email filter rules. It also provides remote management from any Notes workstation, Web browser, or R5 Administration Console and offers automatic virus pattern file and scan engine updates.
  • ScanMail eManager is an optional plug-in for ScanMail for Exchange that allows network administrators to block unsolicited email (spam) and manage message content and email delivery to Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • ScanMail OpenMail detects, quarantines, and cleans viruses within OpenMail attachments in real time before they can spread to desktop client computers. It provides customizable notifications to the sender, recipients, and administrators when a virus is detected.

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