Tribal Fusion Automates Data-Driven Ad Creation

Exponential has begun allowing marketers to automatically generate display ads across its Tribal Fusion online ad network based on the location, behavior, demographic profile, and other attributes of individual Web users. Called Dynamic Ads, the offering is geared toward large data-driven marketers with hundreds or thousands of individual product offers.

Dynamic Ads is similar to Yahoo’s SmartAds product, introduced earlier this summer. SmartAds allows advertisers to provide the portal with creative assets and a direct feed of available offers it can then combine into hyper-targeted ads on the fly. These are dynamically created and served to individuals as targeting opportunities are identified across Yahoo’s network.

Like Yahoo’s SmartAds, Exponential’s Dynamic Ads are meant to ease agency-side production headaches by mechanizing the ad creation process for data-driven campaigns. The larger the marketer, the more attractive such an offering is likely to be, since ad buys can immediately be made to reflect a company’s changing list of offers.

“We’re moving toward customized targeting based on all the variables an advertiser knows,” said Exponential VP of Strategic Marketing Alistair Goodman. The goal, he said, is to take “all an advertiser knows about their target audience and create a custom segment that goes across all [those variables].”

With Dynamic Ads, marketers can customize landing page links from offer to offer, just as they can ad copy, so when a person clicks on an ad, they’re taken to a page reflecting the original offer they were pitched. For instance, Goodman said, a real estate marketer could display ads showing houses in a user’s Zip Code. A click would display those same houses in a landing page.

An early, unnamed advertiser who tested Dynamic Ads earlier this year experienced a 20 percent lift in its click-through rate and a 33 percent increase in its click-to-conversion rate, Exponential said. Goodman attributes the performance improvement to providing “the ability to click through to the very specific customized offer.” The company, which is in the Web services vertical, has since agreed to expand its use of Dynamic Ads.

Tribal Fusion has relationships with 1,200 Web sites, and 70 percent of the campaigns it traffics are targeted or customized in some way, according to Exponential. Media buyers can target by Web site or other factors, including behavior, geography and content. In addition to the ad network, which generates the great majority of its revenue, Exponential offers lead generation, search and comparison shopping services.

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