Tribune Interactive Joins YouTube Distribution Wave

ChicagoTribune.jpgTribune Interactive, the online division of the Tribune Company, is looking to capitalize on YouTube’s distribution system and has launched a number of channels for its newspaper and television stations.

Tribune papers like the Chicago Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel, and television stations KTLA in Los Angeles or WGN in Chicago, will continue to have their own Web site presences, but each will have a YouTube dedicated channel as well. Michael Dizon, communications manager for Tribune Interactive, repeatedly told me that the expanded distribution that YouTube provides was the big draw.

“We invest a lot of time money and resources on our video content, and this partnership with YouTube is another way of making sure that we make this available to the greatest number of people,” he said. “Our long term goal is to continue to populate these Web sites with as much good local content as possible.”

The channels include advertising in the form of InVideo overlays, that run with the video content produced by the Tribune’s news organizations.

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