Trick or Treat, Matey!

Leading up to Halloween, would-be trick-or-treaters went online to find the perfect pirate costumes. Data from AOL and Hitwise show traffic generated by the search for the perfect costume and where the festive outfits were purchased.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, “Dead Man’s Chest” contributed to demand for pirate costumes. Many wanted to dress like the movie’s main character, Jack Sparrow, though more generic searches for “pirate costume” ranked top on both AOL and Hitwise data.

Childhood story characters also ranked high this year with Disney costumes, including Mickey, Minnie, Tigger, and Piglet; Tinkerbell from “Peter Pan”; Little Red Riding Hood, and Alice in Wonderland. Last year’s attention to “Star Wars” characters was all but eclipsed. Jango Fett was favored over other specific characters from the films.

Top U.S. Costume Search Terms, Four Weeks Ending Ocotber 21, 2006
pirate costume
tinkerbell costume
wonder woman costume
jack sparrow costume
playboy bunny costume
dorothy costume
dog the bounty hunter costume
little red riding hood costume
jango fett costume
cowgirl costume
Note: Search term data based on rolling four-week period ranked by share of searches from U.S. sample of 10 million Internet users.
Source: Hitwise, 2006
Top Costume Search Terms, October 2006
1 Pirate Costumes
2 Disney Costumes
3 Indian Costumes
4 Little Red Riding Hood Costumes
5 Star Wars Costumes
6 Playboy Bunny Costumes
7 Tinkerbell Costumes
8 Fairy Costumes
9 Geisha Costumes
10 Gypsy Costumes
11 Lara Croft Costumes
12 Witch Costumes
13 Vampire Costumes
14 Cleopatra Costumes
15 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
Source: AOL, 2006

Hitwise monitors how more than 25 million Internet users interact with over 500,000 Web sites across 160 industry categories. It collects Internet usage information through a combination of ISP data partnerships and opt-in panels.

Custom Category of Top 10 Online Costume Retailers by Market Share of Visits Week Ending October 22,2006
Rank Web Site URL Market Share (%)
1 30.50
2 7.01
3 Spirit Halloween 7.00
4 6.89
5 Halloween Express 5.18
6 Costume Express 4.45
7 Costume Craze 4.09
8 Zoogster Costumes 3.77
9 Costume Universe 3.42
10 Costume Super Center 2.97
Note: Custom category data based on U.S. market share of visits among 10 million U.S. Internet users to top 30 online costume retail Web sites.
Source: Hitwise, 2006

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