Try New Movable Type 4, Now With 30 Percent Less Brand Control!

Business and brand bloggers, are you fed up with RUN OF THE MILL transparency? Champing at the bit to surrender EVEN MORE CONTROL of your brand to your EVER MORE Empowered customers? Then surf (don’t direct navigate!) directly to SixApart’s Web site and download the new and improved Movable Type 4 (Beta) today! The new version of the MT blogging platform has a bunch of 2.0 features bound to set your conversational marketing dendrites all a-tingle, including:

The ability to grant readers “member status” on the site! (No more you versus them, it’s all US now!)

The chance to let your audience post about your brand, right alongside your so-called official bloggers!

Act today and get an “optional functionality pack” with further community features scheduled for release later this year!

Remember, transparency is like alcohol. You build up a tolerance over time. To get that same buzz, you must let your consumers say EVER MORE SCARY things about your products and services with an ever-larger megaphone. Why wait? Install today! (link)

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