TV, Tech Support, Pizza in the Metaverse

Brand success in virtual worlds like Second Life often depends on the interpretation of the real world product to the virtual world presence. This week, new brands and a handful of new services are making their way into the metaverse.

If you can’t be there, you can watch it on TV. Yes, even in Second Life social events and programming will be televised. Rivers Run Red created the media channel for users to watch in their on virtual homes, or in the company of others. One issue this solves is the problem with overcrowded events, which slows down loading speeds. In addition to streaming live events, Rivers Run Red is currently allowing content providers to enroll in the VLTV launch program and pilot scheme. Rivers Run Red is also working on the entry of the ING Renault F1 team into second Life.

If watching TV or chatting with the F1 team gives you the munchies, you’ll soon be able to order a real pizza via the virtual world. A step beyond the “/pizza” functionality created for “EverQuest II,” Dynamedia Marketing plans to open kiosks throughout Second Life where citizens can order and pay for a pizza in Lindens, and have the real pizza delivered at your physical world door. Dynamedia conceived of the idea, and is working with specialized search engine to make it happen on a national and even international scale. The recently-launched search engine itself may still be a little rough around the edges. Dynamedia has plans to expand pizza kiosks to food courts, and create immersive shopping experiences where consumers can buy real world goods through their virtual personae shopping. There are still virtual/real money issues, but expect to see virtual-to-real opportunities appear before the ramp-up to the holiday shopping season.

Because all of this Second Life activity could stress out even an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to the test, Best Buy’s Geek Squad recently made its entry into Second Life. Click here to go there now if you’re a ‘lifer. Geek Squad Island hosts two virtual volcanoes, and “House of the Future,” a technology museum. Geek Squad agents are standing by to assist you. However, certain technical issues including being unable to run Second Life may require you to pick up the phone and call Geek Squad’s real world hotline.

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