Tween Product Site Mixes Video and Doodles

The maker of the FLY pentop computer, a new product targeted to tweens aged nine to 14, is pitching its gizmo via a unique combination of video and hand-scrawled animation.

A Web site, at, hosts interactive video demonstrations of the FLY pentop, a multipurpose electronic pen designed by LeapFrog. The video segments are combined with animated, hand-scrawled doodles that demonstrate the product’s features. Live tween actors address the site visitor directly, describing each of the pentop’s functions and encouraging interaction.

The site and accompanying online ad campaign were developed by EVB, LeapFrog’s interactive agency of record. The campaign, which includes a TV buy, will launch August 15. The online component will include rich media ads in a variety of sizes.

On the site, the user’s cursor is replaced with a 3D image of the FLY pentop, which occasionally takes control of itself to demonstrate how the actual product will work.

Site visitors can toggle to a lefty writing style to demonstrate the product’s versatility.

Two demos are available at site launch, showing characters named Zach and Gwen demonstrating the device music and scheduling functions, respectively. Additional profiles will be unlocked later in the span of the promotion, which is supported with a giveaway of a thousand pens. The sweepstakes will also hand out products from Mead, Limited Too, and Upper Deck.

The FLY pentop computer is an electronic pen that uses special paper to input what’s written with it. The pen can play music, schedule appointments, translate words to other languages, and play games. LeapFrog will begin selling it online in the fall, with retail to follow.

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