Tweets of the Week: Brands Tap into #biketoworkday2015 and Pay Tribute to B.B. King

This week, Twitter was filled with #biketoworkday2015, #FridayFeeling, #BBKing.

Commuters are expected to hit the roads on Friday for Bike to Work Day. Tapping into this holiday, The Vitamin Shoppe delivered a healthy endorsement of the holiday, while Jamba Juice reminded bikers not to forget to grab a cup and go! 

Natural and organic food maker Annie’s Homegrown has also jumped onto the #biketoworkday2015 bandwagon by reminding bikers that their natural products make for healthy snacks.

#FridayFeeling seems to be an easy way to start a conversation on Twitter. Energy drink Red Bull stayed true to its brand and posted a Tweet that did (perhaps unintentional) double duty by featuring a cyclist of sorts.

Home furnishings chain HomeGoods had a win with comfy pillows. Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed on the last workday of the week?

Twitter also took a mournful turn Friday over the passing of Riley B. King, the legendary guitarist known as B.B. King, who died at the age of 89 on Thursday. Many brands paid their tributes to the blues innovator on Twitter.

Getty Images posted a touching photo of B.B. King performing at Royal Albert Hall.

HardRock remembered B.B. King as well.

Do you think brands respectfully mourned B.B. King this week? Any favorites we missed? Tell us in the comments below. 

Homepage via Shutterstock.

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