Tweets of the Week: Oreo Finds a Twitter BFF

This week, Twitter got off to a really sad start when Good Morning America tweeted a depressing GIF from Disney classic The Lion King in which baby Simba approaches his dead father. The caption reads “RT [Retweet] if this was your morning.” Hopefully the GIF was not an accurate depiction of anyone’s morning. Good Morning America quickly deleted the Tweet, but not before several media outlets picked it up. good-morning-america-the-lion-king-tweet-fail

The next Twitter gaffe wasn’t about what a brand posted, but what it neglected to post. On Tuesday, #NintendoAMovie trended all day, with thousands of users blending popular movie titles with Nintendo game names. Nintendo ignored the trend after celebrating #NationalBestFriendsDay with a fairly basic picture of Mario and Yoshi. Isn’t Luigi Mario’s best friend? 

However, there were a lot of brands that found just the right tone for #NationalBestFriends day. Oreo, for one, may have formed a new partnership via social media. milk-oreo-national-best-friends-day-tweetBurger King also had a great plan ready for National Best Friends Day with two funny tweets, one of which utilized the Internet’s passion for chicken fries

Denny’s, as usual, chose a slightly surreal route that was popular but a little difficult to discern on first read. What do you think: Twitter win or fail?

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