Tweets of the Week: Rapper Beefs, Jon Stewart and Underwear

One of the dominant trending topics this week was the Twitter battle between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. Fast food brands wasted no time making puns around the beef between the two.

Whataburger, a Southern burger chain, doesn’t have the following of Burger King or White Castle, but the Texan brand was arguably the winner there. Whataburger’s Tweet garnered a combined 26,000 favorites and retweets, and Drake even displayed it onstage during a performance in Toronto earlier this week.

Another fast food chain with a particularly engaging Tweet was Arby’s. Giving a self-deprecating shout out to Jon Stewart, whose 16 years hosting The Daily Show came to a close last night, Arby’s subsequently saw nearly 8,000 mentions of its own within 13 hours of the Tweet.

The #JonVoyage hashtag featured more celebrities and media outlets than brands, though Skype also bid Stewart a fond farewell.

Wednesday’s National Underwear Day was a less aggressive topic that inspired some bizarre Tweets, from Vevo’s slow-motion video of Justin Bieber in his boxers to toilet paper brand Charmin making a veiled reference to pooping one’s pants.