Tweets of Week: Memorial Day, Burgers, and Biscuits

Twitter got pretty summery this week, which was appropriate, since Monday was Memorial Day. And like any good Memorial Day cookout, Twitter started the week by remembering our fallen soldiers, then moved to the burgers on Thursday with #NationalBurgerDay, and washed it all down with sweets on Friday’s #NationalBiscuitDay, which brands took advantage of in both Britain and America. 

Memorial Day is a tricky time for brands, especially on social media. While many offer sales and discounts to Americans off work for the holiday, most brands shy away from Memorial Day tweeting because no one wants to appear insensitive to our fallen soldiers.

However, Macy’s didn’t begin the day with any sales or special offers, just a simple tribute to the troops.

Hooter’s, on the other hand, got downright tacky. While the discount to veterans and their spouses was probably well meant, the photo was in bad taste on a holiday that is supposed to be about honoring those killed in battle. 

National Burger Day, of course, offered a great opportunity for hamburger chains to show off their most mouth-watering options, but some of the best tweets of the unofficial holiday were brands that don’t sell burgers per se, but found a way to join the conversation anyway.

For example, while Amazon is working on food delivery, it decided to take a bizarre and hilarious route, tweeting a picture of one of its food pillows, which have an oddly wide selection and devoted following. 

Kit Kat, however, may have done some damage to its brand by fashioning itself a meat alternative and tweeting a chocolate bar covered in cheese on a bun.