Twitter Improves User Experience with New Block Tools

In an effort to provide users a safer social media environment, Twitter is going to expand its existing mute and block tools.

The company’s engineer, Xiaoyun Zhang, unveiled the new feature on Wednesday. “Mute and block are tools to help you control your Twitter experience. While many users find them useful, we also recognize that some users — those who experience high volumes of unwanted interactions on Twitter — need more sophisticated tools,” Zhang wrote in a blog post.

The addition could be very useful for users who are targeted multiple times by the same groups. Previously, Twitter users could only individually block unwanted accounts. But now, users can export and share their block lists with other users facing similar issues by clicking on “Advanced Options” and then choosing accounts they want to block.




Individuals can also import another user’s list into their own account and block all those accounts as well.

Prior to today’s update, Twitter already enhanced its harassment reporting tools, as well as added policy and enforcement changes to improve users experience.

The company started rolling out the new feature today and is going to make it available to all users in the coming weeks.

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