Twitter Leaves Door Open to Ads

If you’re Biz Stone you sure have to watch what you say. After the Twitter co-founder told an audience yesterday that the company didn’t find the concept of advertising “interesting,” a number of outlets understandably took him to mean Twitter has sworn off ads entirely.

That’s apparently not the case. In a corrective blog post, Stone allows as how just because the firm isn’t exactly excited about display ads, that doesn’t mean it won’t one day accept them.

From the post:

The idea of taking money to run traditional banner ads on has always been low on our list of interesting ways to generate revenue. However, facilitating connections between businesses and individuals in meaningful and relevant ways is compelling. We’re going to leave the door open for exploration in this area.

And just in case any of you in the marketing world had your feelings hurt by that “interesting” remark, Stone has a kind word for you too.

“Do we hate advertising? Of course not. It’s a huge industry filled with creativity and inspiration. There’s also room for new innovation in advertising, marketing, and public relations and Twitter is already part of that.”

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