Twitter “Quick Promote” Targets SMBs

Twitter will now allow businesses to promote their best-performing tweets directly from the Tweet Activity Dashboard.

Quick Promote is a product aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking to increase their social media visibility and attract new customers. Advertisers can evaluate individual tweets’ performances in their analytics dashboard and then select an option to promote their best-performing tweets to “lookalike users,” or Twitter users who share interests with those who have already interacted with a brand on Twitter. Advertisers can set a budget for engagement from a drop-down menu of prices.

Twitter Quick Promote is designed to simplify the Promoted Tweet ad buying process for SMBs, according to Russ Laraway, head of SMB at Twitter.

“There’s a lot of value to being able to extend your reach to a high-quality audience on Twitter in such a simple way, in many cases, with two clicks,” says Laraway. “By automatically targeting Quick Promote tweets to users that have interests similar to existing followers, we’re helping SMBs get their message in front of the right people quickly and at precisely the right time.”

However, one potential flaw for Quick Promote is the feature’s inability to allow for targeting beyond lookalikes, which could prohibit reach.

For more advanced audience targeting, advertisers must still visit Twitter’s full-service ad platform. The launch of Quick Promote comes on the heels of Twitter’s announcement yesterday that it will now syndicate ads to other sites and mobile apps.

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