Twitter Updates Tailored Audiences for New Targeting Capabilities

Advertisers using Twitter’s tailored audience tool can now supplement existing customer data with mobile phone numbers and advertising IDs, as well as reach new audiences with look-alike targeting technology.

Previously, advertisers used their own CRM databases along with Twitter’s API to create tailored audience lists for Promoted Tweets. Now in addition to the CRM and API approaches, Twitter will also support mobile phone numbers along with Apple IOS and Google Android mobile advertising IDs as well. This new functionality will help advertisers target customers who have installed apps and browsed products on mobile.

Twitter is also implementing a look-alike targeting capability similar to the one used by Facebook. Look-alike targeting searches advertisers’ existing audience lists and uses proprietary analytics based on common interests and keywords to help locate potential customers. The service can also be used conversely to hide campaigns from specific tailored audiences.

A new audience manager tool allows advertisers to view, edit, and create new audience lists all in one place and will give list-specific notifications.



Twitter first introduced tailored audiences last year to drive better performance for Promoted Tweets.

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