U.S. Web Usage and Traffic, August 2004

Nielsen//NetRatings examined where U.S. Internet users were going and how long they were staying during August 2004. While there were far fewer at-work users than there were at home, the working Internet population spent more time online and surfing.

Both the at-home and at-work populations stepped up their Internet time and activity since July, with the small exception of at-work users shaving 1 second off the amount of time they spent viewing a Web page.

Despite a population shrinkage of nearly 800,000 to the at-home current digital media universe estimate, roughly 429,000 new active users were added since July’s figures. Approximately 1 million more users appeared in August to the at-work active digital universe, while the current digital media universe only expanded by 290,000 since July’s estimates.

Average Web Usage, U.S., August 2004
Home Work
Number of Sessions/Visits Per Person 32 67
Number of Domains Visited Per Person 54 104
PC Time Per Person 27:05:22 78:22:36
Duration of a Web Page Viewed 00:00:54 00:01:02
Active Digital Media Universe 137,038,072 51,816,298
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate 201,661,159 56,297,182
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

According to the traffic measurements, Yahoo, Microsoft and Google were among the sites that garnered the most unique visitors, with users spending considerably more time at sites belonging to the Time Warner Network, such as America Online.

Top Parent Companies for August 2004, U.S., Home
Parent Name Unique
Reach Time Per
Microsoft 90,145 65.78% 01:29:12
Yahoo 78,356 57.18% 01:54:10
Time Warner 77,278 56.39% 03:58:39
Google 48,767 35.59% 00:17:15
eBay 36,709 26.79% 01:29:42
United States Government 27,718 20.23% 0:16:31
Ask Jeeves 23,024 16.80% 00:23:17
Amazon 22,948 16.75% 00:15:50
InterActiveCorp 22,507 16.42% 00:18:20
RealNetworks 21,879 15.97% 00:36:50
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Top Parent Companies for
August 2004, U.S., Work
Parent Unique
Reach Time Per
Microsoft 45,472 87.76% 01:52:36
Yahoo 38,199 73.72% 03:08:08
Time Warner 36,166 69.80% 05:10:27
Google 31,500 60.79% 00:32:38
United States Government 26,539 51.22% 00:28:16
eBay 21,825 42.12% 01:46:21
InterActiveCorp 17,607 33.98% 00:17:24
Amazon 16,971 32.75% 00:18:19
Landmark Communications 15,435 29.79% 00:19:18
Walt Disney Internet Group 14,689 28.35% 00:45:35
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Parent company is a consolidation of multiple domains and URLs owned by a single entity.
Number of Sessions per Month: The average number of computer sessions per person for the specified reporting period. A session consists of Web sessions and/or any period of time spent using computer applications.
Number of Unique Domains Visited: An average of the total number of unique domains visited per person for the specified reporting period.
Page Views per Month: The total number of times a Web page has been requested by a user. Page views are counted only when they fully load into the user’s browser window. Pages accessed from the user’s local cache are included in page view counts. Unique pages will be counted each time they are requested.
Page Views per Surfing Session: Average number of Web pages viewed per person per Web session for the specified reporting period.
Time Spent per Month: Average time spent during active computer sessions per person for the specified reporting period.
Time Spent During Surfing Session: Average time spent per person during an active computer session for the specified reporting period.
Duration of a Page Viewed: Average duration of time that a Web page was viewed per person over the specified reporting period.
Internet Universe: The Nielsen//NetRatings Internet universe is defined as all members, 2 years of age or older, of households that currently have access to the Internet from a personal computer.
Active Internet Universe: People that have used a computer capable of connecting to the Internet AND visited a Web site and/or launched any computer file tracked by Nielsen//NetRatings’ applications metering module.
Current Internet Universe Estimate: People over the age of 2 that have access to the Internet from a personal computer at home; includes active and non-active persons in the household.

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