US Firms Buying E-Commerce Software

Within the next six months, e-commerce software will be purchased by nearly half, or 46.7 percent, of US organizations, according to a study by Computer Economics.

The “1999 Information Systems and eBusiness Spending” study found that, among process manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and financial institutions, more than 60 percent of businesses will acquire software for e-commerce.

“The manufacturing, distribution, and financial industries saw many early adopters of e-commerce and the slower competitors are now scrambling to catch up,” said Computer Economics VP of Research Michael Erbschloe. “At the same time, other industries that were tentative about ebusiness before are now more confident and are beginning to make investments in e-commerce infrastructure.”

According to the study, trade services and utilities organizations have begun to advance in the e-commerce area. At least 50 percent of businesses in each sector plan to purchase e-commerce software soon.

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