USA.NET offers several outsourced messaging solutions: USA.NET hosted Microsoft Exchange 2000, USA.NET Performance Messaging, USA.NET Enterprise Messaging, and USA.NET Web Messaging.

USA.NET hosted Microsoft Exchange 2000

USA.NET hosted Microsoft Exchange 2000 is a messaging and collaboration solution, allowing the customer to avoid the purchase, installation, and maintenance of an in-house email system. The end result is a lower total cost of ownership and higher reliability, availability, and security.

Microsoft Exchange 2000:

  • Offers enterprise-class messaging with integrated collaboration features for communicating and sharing information

  • Maximizes the benefits of the features of Windows 2000, Outlook 2000, and Internet Explorer 5.x

  • Offers scalability

  • Offers reliability with server clustering and redundant databases

USA.NET Performance Messaging

USA.NET Performance Messaging combines technology and USA.NET’s outsourced messaging experience, resulting in carrier-grade reliability, high availability, and scalability.

USA.NET Enterprise Messaging

USA.NET Enterprise Messaging is a unified email solution that offers:

  • Email features such as wireless access, virus scanning, a branded email address (, and a Web interface customized with your company’s logo and colors

  • Technology that ensures high service availability and enhanced security through SSL encryption

  • Professional services to help get your email up and running

In addition, all of USA.NET s messaging solutions offer comprehensive training and ongoing support.

USA.NET Web Messaging

USA.NET Web Messaging is designed for Web portals and e-commerce companies. USA.NET Web Messaging provides:

  • Full-featured email your customers subscribe to on your Web site

  • Customizable logos, colors and fonts

  • Professional services, including migration capabilities and custom branding

  • A messaging platform built on USA.NET technology

  • Comprehensive training and support

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