ValueClick Media Launches Ad Package Deal

Online marketing firm ValueClick has launched a new package bundling banner ads, keyword listings and rich media ads, sold on a cost-per-click basis.

The package, dubbed ChannelSearch, includes banner ad placement on 17 targeted channels on the ValueClick network, keyword listings on ValueClick’s Search123 search network and content-targeted rich media units. All will be sold on a CPC basis.

The new program was launched by ValueClick Media, the company’s online advertising and direct marketing arm. ChannelSearch signed up five advertisers last week, its first week of operation. Palm has come on board, along with MatchNet, a dating site. Computer learning company Video Professor and two others are also advertising, according to Dave Yovanno, general manager of ValueClick Media.

This has been a busy week for ValueClick, whose Commission Junction unit announced a new text-based advertising network Monday. There is no overlap between the two new offerings, Yovanno said.

ChannelSearch’s rich media units are a new format called SimpliContent. The units feature a thumbnail-sized company logo and product image. The SimpliContent ad unit pulls an advertiser’s text listings from Search123 into category-based banner ads and places the ads on sites with related content. The 17 content areas include automotive, business, computer, games, health and travel.

“If you have a CPC objective, you’d probably consider all thesetactics,” said Joe Germscheid, associate media director with Zentropy Partners, referring to the three components of the package. “From the outside, this looks interesting. Most direct marketing campaigns would begin with these, but the beauty is being able to optimize to the best performers.”

With the ChannelSearch program, advertisers can’t do their own optimization, but “we’ll take care of that for the advertisers,” said Chad Peplinski, manager of business development for the unit. “We will watch the campaign and if one element, say banner ads, was not doing well, we might drop it.”The ads will be served by ValueClick’s ad serving unit, Mediaplex. Mediaplex, acquired in June 2003

. Mediaplex is one of ValueClick’s three business units, along with ValueClick Media and Commission Junction.

Affiliate marketing network Commission Junction was acquired by ValueClick in October 2003, which eventually merged it with Be Free, ValueClick’s own affiliate network.

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