Verizon Wireless O.C. Offering in Step with Aim to Attract Indie Hipsters

deathcutie.jpgIf you dig Fox’s “The O.C.” you’d better get yourself a Verizon V CAST subscription. Verizon Wireless has launched a new mobile-only animated series based on Fox’s “The O.C.” via an agreement with the Warner Bros. Television Group and FOX. The two-minute animated clip series, debuting later this month, is called “Atomic County,” apparently named after character Seth’s comic book. V CAST subscribers can also indulge in O.C. Insider Clips, behind-the-scenes bloopers, outtakes, interviews, cast and crew fashion tips and a trailer for the upcoming episode. Oh, and there are “The O.C.” ring tones, ring back tones, wallpaper and games, too.

Yeah, yeah. So it’s another mobile content distribution deal. These stories are a dime-a-dozen these days. Still, I think this particular offering is indicative of the fact that V CAST is definitely taking aim at the hip, young indie music crowd. Take its SXSW concert footage and MySpace “Calling All Bands” offerings, for instance. Here’s the connection: The O.C. has been known to feature tunes by lesser-known bands on the show, often raising their profiles (for better or worse, considering the show helped propel Brian Wilson-wannabees Death Cab for Cutie to indie darling status).

I think we could easily see a connection between the show’s tunes and V CAST’s growing music library, and perhaps a mobile e-commerce component as well down the road.

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