Video Ad Pioneer Ditches Java

Online video pioneer EyeWonder is dropping Sun’s Java format and embracing Flash. The move, by a company that was among the last holdouts in Java-based rich media, highlights the near complete dominance of Macromedia’s Flash in online advertising.

EyeWonder also entered a development relationship with Macromedia. The company will consult on the development of the next version of the Flash authoring tool, code named “8 ball.” Executives said they will represent the advertiser community to 8 ball’s developers.

“The partnership allows us to understand the future of Flash, and to work closely with agencies to ensure Flash can work the way they want it to,” said EyeWonder CEO David Breckling.

While most rich media vendors made the switch from Java to Flash by 2003, Macromedia didn’t fully support video until the launch of Flash MX in 2004. EyeWonder hopes the link with Macromedia will help it counter a perception that it is a Java relic in Flash catch-up mode. The company admits it has plenty of ground to cover.

“Macromedia was instrumental in this decision,” said Jason Scheidt, EyeWonder’s director of marketing. “We told them we needed more support for our video platform. We were unsure of the future of Java… Sun was in a state of disarray and not able to step up to the plate. Macromedia was thrilled to win our business.”

By April 4, all EyeWonder client campaigns will be created in Flash.

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