VIDEO: Content Is a Marketing Currency for Citibank

ClickZ spoke to Linda Descano, managing director and head of content and social at Citi, to explore the paradigm shift of financial institutions, away from traditional ads and toward content. Clearly overlooked before, content is of premium value: As Descano says herself, “Content is a marketing currency” for financial institutions.

In an age of customer engagement and direct interactions, banks are no exceptions: social and content are tantamount to their brands and businesses. One major challenge for them, though, is that they have to navigate within the limits of very strict regulations.

In this video, Descano tells us how she deals with the new reality as the group’s head of content and social – a role that did not exist before. We also discuss the transition toward content and how Citi leverages it via its Create – Syndicate – Amplify content process. She also goes over key performance indicators (KPIs), return on investment (ROI), and success definition; shares one very specific way Citi has been using LinkedIn to engage with targeted demographics; and explains how Citi’s marketing department is organized to deliver on the overarching goals. 

Thank you to LinkedIn’s FinanceConnect conference for letting us speak to Descano. 

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Citi.

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