Video Killed the Press Release?

logo_launchsquad.gifWe get a lot of press releases sent to us here at ClickZ, most of them from public relation agencies keen on our covering their clients, but few and far between are the releases sent to us announcing deals the actual PR firm is doing instead.

Out here in San Francisco there’s a boutique firm that specializes in representing start-ups called LaunchSquad, which works companies like Pheedo, NewsGator Technologies and others. So I was surprised when their latest release to hit my inbox wasn’t plugging one of their clients, but was touting a deal LaunchSquad has inked with Internet video studio TurnHere. Seems instead of making deals with LaunchSquad’s clients one by one to film promotional videos, TurnHere skipped reaching out to the start-ups and went straight to the PR firm, who in turn will offer the service to their client base.

Which begs the terrifying question, will video press releases be far behind?

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