VIDEO: Mom’s the Word for McDonald’s and Quaker

Women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases in the U.S., according to statistics from She-conomy. But when they become mothers, their consumer habits change dramatically. Engaging with content becomes a whole new ball game and what once resonated during the child-free days seems much more questionable now. Busy with the duties of being a parent, moms have little time to sift through pages of Web clutter to discover brands. They want relevant information delivered to them quickly and their expectations are high.

With this shift come behavioral changes online. While moms spend an average of about three hours per day trawling the Internet to find reviews about a brand they love, they are also becoming increasingly empowered by media blogs and social media groups. No longer trusting brand advertising when it comes to their little ones, Millennial moms are reaching out to their peers online to make informed purchasing decisions and they are then sharing them on social sites and circles. They are no longer simply the consumers of content, they are also now the creators.

As a result, brands have new opportunities to connect with moms on a deeper level. Through the use of redefined marketing messages and deeper insights to cater to this behavioral shift, companies can move away from the one-size-fits-all approach and engage with Millennial moms in a new way.

In this video interview, hear how McDonald’s manager of external communications, Kristin Hylek, and Quaker’s digital manager, Elena Parlatore, are altering their marketing messages to moms and how this is driving conversion for their brands.

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