VIDEO: Will Bigger Smartphones Push Tablets to the Sidewalk?

Larger mobile screens such as those like Apple’s iPhone 6, released in September last year, will erode website visits made on tablets, says Joe Martin, senior analyst, Adobe Digital Index.

According to Martin, mobile is taking the advertising world “by storm” and there has been an increase of clicks on ads coming from these devices since the release of larger smartphones. While Adobe data from the Digital Index does not specifically break down ad stats by screen size, it does “indicate” that the rise is due to the introduction of bigger phones, he says.

“In Q4 of last year, website visits from tablet consumption fell and we put that down to the larger screen. Meanwhile retail, and media and entertainment consumption on smartphones went up as the screens got larger,” comments Martin.

As a result, Martin predicts that the value of cost-per-click (CPC) mobile ads will soon become more valuable. He also believes it is a “crucial” time for marketers to make sure their mobile Web and app experiences are optimized in order to provide the best user experiences possible for consumers.

“Now is the time to make sure that consumers that come to your mobile site or app are not just bouncing due to poor experiences. The winners will be the ones that get this right,” he says.

To find out what else Martin had to say, as well as his other predictions for the year ahead, watch the video interview below.

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