VideoEgg Adds 2.0 Features to Ad Network

VideoEgg is rolling out a host of new video features designed to increase viewer engagement across its ad network.

Features include live updates via RSS feeds, allowing marketers to alter in real time either the video itself or the text accompanying it; local mapping, which advertisers can use to provide store locations to users based on their zip code; multi-clip capability, meaning marketers can more easily and cleanly provide multiple videos per placement; a mini-store, which allows marketers to display DVDs or other items for sale below the video player; and a share and syndicate feature, so users can instantly post a video to a social network such as Facebook or e-mail it to friends.

“Our first objective is to get consumers to spend more time with the brands,” said chief marketing officer Troy Young. “Our take is that this shouldn’t be hard and it shouldn’t cost extra. It should just be part of the platform.”

According to Young, the new enhancements increase the average time a typical viewer spends with a video by 25 percent. Many of the new features have already been released, but are being grouped into a single “major release,” this week, he said.

Young said VideoEgg now boasts an average audience of 50 to 60 million unique visitors.

In February, VideoEgg introduced its per-engagement pricing model, in which advertisers pay based on the number of user-initiated ad interactions that occur on partner sites, rather than the CPM-based approach that accounts for the bulk of online brand advertising now. Prior to his arrival at VideoEgg, Young was chief experience officer at Omnicom digital shop Organic.

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