VideoEgg Expands Network with Video Site Deals

Hoping to distribute its clients’ video ads deeper into the world of youth-oriented social networking sites, VideoEgg has partnered with Metacafe, imeem and Buzznet.

Additionally, the firm said it has has enhanced its Eggnetwork Advertising Platform to allow easy deployment of its video ads in any Flash environment. This change played a part in the new partnerships as VideoEgg simplifies the integration of its ads into existing video platforms, said VideoEgg CMO Troy Young.

“What it allows our partners to do is keep their own video players and all their video technology they have running on their sites,” he said. “It enables us to work with them to monetize the videos.”

Metacafe specializes in showcasing short-form video both from amateurs and professional videographers. On imeem, user interaction is focused on sharing music, film, video, art and other aspects of pop culture. Buzznet features an integrated media and community platform that allows users to create music- and pop culture-based communities.

Young said VideoEgg has successfully brought online 500 to 600 video ad campaigns across more than 200 video, gaming and social networking sites and applications, and he claims the company was the first to commercialize video ad overlays. The practice has become increasingly common, with new overlay formats introduced by YouTube and other video destinations.

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