Viewpoint Reports Net Loss

Graphics company and rich media ad enabler Viewpoint experienced growth in its advertising business last quarter, but that didn’t save it from a $450,000 net loss on revenue of $6.6 million.

Sales of the company’s Unicast-branded advertising products were $1.2 million, compared with $732,000 for the previous quarter. Viewpoint acquired Unicast at the end of 2004.

Additionally, a pro bono campaign Viewpoint created in June for an organization headed by Bono from the group U2 in support of the G8 Summit was a great success, and boosted the installed base for its toolbar application, executives said.

“[We] exceeded the goal of one billion impressions. We delivered 1.2 billion by the beginning of the G8 Summit,” said Jay Amato, president and chief executive officer at Viewpoint. “This proved publicly that our company is capable to deliver to our advertisers.”

Amato said Viewpoint has struck a branding deal with Konica Minolta to use the Photomat brand name for photo services, with a redesigned Web site to launch in October with aggressive marketing campaigns through the fourth quarter.

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