Virgin Mobile Partners With Platform A to Manage Web Inventory

Virgin Mobile has tapped AOL’s Platform A as the exclusive sales force and manager for its WAP banner inventory.

Lynda Clarizio, who replaced ex-Tacoda chief Curt Viebranz as president of the ad unit earlier this year, characterized the deal as a significant step in AOL’s efforts to operate wherever consumers are accessing the Internet — particularly those between ages 14 to 34 years.

“This is really about our platform offerings evolving,” she said. “We see mobile advertising as a nascent but growing area, particularly as consumers use mobile devices more and more to access the Internet. We want to be where consumers are.”

Virgin will also continue to use Platform A’s mobile ad-serving platform and network, Third Screen Media. Virgin Mobile USA boasts more than five million subscribers.

Platform A also manages the ad inventory for Verizon’s Web and mobile platforms.

“The combination of Platform A’s knowledgeable sales force and advertising assets, along with Third Screen Media’s technology performance, particularly in high commercial volume situations, provide us with impressive power in mobile advertising,” said Bob Stohrer, CMO, Virgin Mobile USA, in a statement.

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