Virtual Wrestling and Cheetah Girls Face Off

CheetahGirl.bmpIt’s interesting enough when major brands decide to try out advertising on a virtual world platform to reach a younger audience, but when this combo comes along I had to chuckle. Over at teen-oriented virtual world Habbo, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is running a campaign for its “Royal Rumble” pay per view event later this month. The campaign was created by virtual world agency Millions of Us as a “Habbo Royal Rumble” that lets kids vote on who they think will win the event on January 27. Meanwhile over at Stardoll, the virtual world for teen girls, Cheetah Girls star and Dancing With The Stars alum Sabrina Bryan has launched her own virtual presence. Bryan will offer fashion advice and her “Team Sabrina” virtual T-shirts for avatars to wear.

No word yet if the two virtual world campaigns will go head to head in a battle royale, but I’m betting on Bryan.

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