vMix and Fox Strike Partnership

Video-sharing site vMix is expected to go public with a relationship with Fox Home Entertainment today. The deal will provide Fox-controlled copyrighted content in branded channels on the site.

Fox began a test, or proof-of-concept relationship with the site in November, a month after the vMix launch. As part of the partnership, the content provider has a number of channels on the site, including a general Twentieth Century Fox channel and another dedicated to the TV show “Family Guy.” VMix approached Fox when users began submitting clips from the TV shows.

The channels are “a way for you to get a particular experience of content where the content owner is in control,” said vMix CEO Greg Kostello. He said the company’s approach to protecting the intellectual property of content, both copyrighted and user-submitted, makes it more attractive to advertisers.

For Fox, supplying content to channels within the vMix site is another way to reach the 18 to 34 audience. The parent company recently announced its Fox Atomic property to show original content on the Web.

VMix currently hosts a mix of branded ad user-generated channels including DigiDrink Action Sports; Cheer Channel; Hollywood Drop; Your World Too; Thread and Nosemilk in addition to the Fox presence. The video site plans to allow additional brands and users to create channels and share revenues.

The site will announce specific channels in the coming weeks.

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