Vodka Brand Hopes Drinking and Blogging Mix

Swedish spirits importer Svedka Vodka has launched a lifestyle blog to reach trendsetters and tastemakers. The site, at, features gritty underground content on sex and erotica, nightlife, movies, literature, travel, gossip, and vodka cocktail recipes.

The company has its sights set on the 21- to 29-year-old age group, a segment that Svedka identifies as being difficult to reach using traditional media.

“We believe in nontraditional marketing,” Svedka Vodka spokesperson Marina Hahn told ClickZ. “This is a way of seamlessly connecting our brand with a blog in a way that would be acceptable to the traditional blogger,”

To produce this blog, Svedka enlisted the help of viral marketing agency Electric Artists. The firm brought in experienced writers to add flavor to this ongoing guide. None of the writers are expected to have bylines, but will instead become the “voice of Svedka.” So far, entry titles include “Lipstick Lisbon: The Naughty Side of a Pretty City” and “Valuable advice: Gavin McInnes on How to Pick Up Chicks — PART 1.”

“What we did was look for the best writers in fashion, arts and entertainment and culture and work with them to create a guide to great things that are happening, and have Svedka be the vehicle to deliver it,” said Marc Schiller, CEO of Electric Artists. “The approach we took is one that we hope will set the standard in how brands should approach the Weblog space.”

Neither comments nor trackbacks are enabled on the blog, though the company provides an email address for viewers to send in tips.

Svedka representatives said the company has no plans to do advertising to promote the site. The importer expects traffic to build through word-of-mouth.

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