Vodka Maker Bottles Top 100 Absolutes

absolut image.jpgAbsolut Vodka’s irreverent advertising is using CGM to potentially run a few future campaigns. It’s microsite calls for site visitors to submit their “absolutes” in five categories: culture, fashion, food and drink, science and tech, people and places and miscellaneous. Among the 100 topics within these categories, your absolute kiss, Web browser, city, typeface, cocktail occasion, sneaker, sitcom, gay icon, electric bill, novel, etc. I’m not making these up.

On the site it says “We need your voice to determine the 100 Absolutes.” The visuals are somewhat Web 2.0 with colored blocks that work like a tag cloud, each box represents one of the absolutes. Users not only submit their answers, but can offer an explanation why they absolutely must keep Explorer as their browser (because that requires some explanation). After a nomination phase where users proclaim their absolutes, there will be a voting phase. Winners will presumably become part of Absolut’s next ad campaign. Hey, the culture category asks for your absolute haircut, can everyone go nominate the mullet?

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