Volkswagen and NBC Universal Sign Marketing Deal

Volkswagen has signed a multi-year marketing agreement with NBC Universal that will feature VW brand promotions, with accompanying online efforts, across the media company’s properties.

Under the terms of the agreement, Volkswagen will seek to build out brand awareness through a variety of NBC Universal channels. The multi-pronged partnership will include product placement in Universal movies, previews, and NBC television programming; chauffeuring luminaries at Universal film premiere’s in VW vehicles; premiere-related signage; VW ads in Universal DVDs and theme parks; and TV advertisements on NBC, said Emanuela Wilm, spokesperson for Volkswagen AG.

“There will be an online component to almost all of these efforts, but specifics of how much we will invest and where won’t be disclosed for another three months,” Wilm said.

NBC Universal’s online holdings include the Web sites for Universal movies; Universal networks, including Bravo, CNBC, and the USA Network; the four Universal theme parks; Telemundo; and local station affiliates in all 50 U.S. states.

For its part, NBC Universal sees in Volkswagen an international brand with an appealing image to complement its variety of programming, said Stephanie Sperber, EVP of Universal Studios Partnerships, in a company statement.

“The Volkswagen product-line is stylized, design-driven, and contemporary, and the perfect demographic match for our entertainment properties,” Sperber said.

A more formalized agreement between the two companies, detailing specific campaigns, and their online components, will be released in late April or early May, Wilm added.

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