Voters Favor Digital Voting

Two-thirds of Americans would like the option to cast their vote over the Internet, according to the latest results of ActivMedia’s FutureScapes study. Further, 97 percent of users believe that legislative bills before Congress, the voting records of House members, and budget information should be made available to the public online.

The study found that a higher percentage of experienced Internet users were in favor of online voting. Of those users with at least four years experience, 71 percent said they would like to vote for elected officials online, compared to 66 percent of the overall online population. Also, 72 percent of this group said they would like to vote on ballot referenda over the Internet, compared to 67 percent of the general population.

At both ends of the spectrum, in the under 15 and the over 65 categories, a slightly higher percentage of users expressed a reluctance to vote online.

The report, which is based on a survey of 5,600 Internet users in the US, corresponds with a similar poll in the UK, which found that 60 percent of adults in that country have said they would be happy to cast the vote using digital television. The UK poll was conducted by Gallup for Pace Micro Technology plc. In addition, 41 percent of the Britons polled said they would like to be able to use digital TV to interact with their MP, their representative in the British parliament.

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