Wal-Mart’s Turnaround on Back-to-School Campaign

Wal-Mart’s campaign using social networking site Facebook has gotten kudos from industry folks including Forrester’s Charline Li, who posted her experiences with the campaign on her blog Groundswell. Wal-Mart lets students take a roommate-style matching quiz to identify the best products from the store to outfit a dorm room. Then, Wal-Mart makes the leap to actually allow participants to post the results on their Facebook page, and send to friends.

The campaign is full circle from last year when the retailer constructed its own static, so called social networking site called “The Hub.” The Hub was taken down early due to industry backlash for trying to emulate popular social networking sites while reigning it in with corporate governance.

Other back-to-school campaigns this season include AOL Shopping, which is being promoted within the AOL family of sites.

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