“We” Campaign Gets a Little Boost from an Ad Vendor

It’s odd to see a major ad campaign, even a cause-based one, pay its way with donations. But that’s exactly how the “We” ad campaign, courtesy of the Alliance for Climate Protection, is going about it. (Check out ClickZ’s coverage of the digital side.) Al Gore has pledged his Nobel Peace Prize winnings to the group, which he chairs, along with his earnings from hit documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” Meanwhile the film’s distributor has promised to kick in 5 percent of profits, according to the Washington Post.

Even online ad firms are pitching in. EyeWonder, which is supporting the “We” campaign’s rich media ads, yesterday said it would donate a portion of it’s streaming ad services.

The main theme of the ad blitz is that climate change is an issue everyone can agree on (ads show the likes of Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton sitting on a sofa together). It would seem that also applies to corporate givers, including interactive ad firms.

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