Wearable Tech: The Next Big Thing

The industry will be worth $70 billion in the next 10 years. The following examples will give marketers food for thought on how to monetize this opportunity.

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March 04, 2014 Categories

I bought my first Fitbit Ultra in January 2012 as a cool device that could help me stay fit. Little did I know that I was joining the wearable tech revolution that would shape a $70 billion (Dr Peter Harrop, 2014) market in 2024. From on-body and ingested devices that can track your every movement to Google Glass, which allows you to take pictures with a blink, it seems like wearable tech will soon become an integral part of our lives.

On paper, wearable tech presents us with an opportunity to revolutionize our interactions with customers, partners, and even our own employees. However, the question is how can we monetize this opportunity?

The following examples will give you some for food for thought to apply this trend in your own industry:

At this moment, most companies are monetizing wearable tech through selling devices and services. As wearable tech gets ready for prime time, it’ll offer a lot of opportunities for marketers. The devices and apps will provide personalized data about consumer preferences, allowing us to target consumers with targeted content.

As a marketer, I’m excited about what the future holds for wearable tech and look forward to finding ways to enhance the consumer experience and positively impact the business at the same time!

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