Web TV’s New Format: Bite-Size

Sony Pictures Television is airing paired-down versions of its classic shows on MySpace. The channel is being called the Minisode Network. The name reflects the three- to five-minute length of each Web episode, which is edited down from half-hour and one-hour shows. Honda signed on as the exclusive launch sponsor with “mini spots” for the new Fit car. The mini spot includes a :03 billboard and :05 mini-mercial that runs at the top of each episode.

At launch, the Minisode Network has three episodes each from 15 of the Sony library. Shows include “Partridge Family,” “Starsky & Hutch,” “TJ Hooker,” “Charlie’s Angels,” “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Facts of Life,” “Silver Spoons,” “Who’s the Boss?,” “What’s Happening!!,” “Dilbert,” “Sheena,” “Fantasy Island,” “Police Woman,” “VIP” and “Ricki Lake.” Sony expects to exceed 500 episodes by the end of the year.

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