Webinar: Maximize your Customer Data! The Personalization Masterclass

Start:30th Jun 2017 03:00pm BST
End:30th Jun 2017 04:00pm

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With the rise of big data and emergence of new platforms, personalization is more important than ever. Recent research suggests it can deliver up to eight times the ROI on marketing spend and a 10% uplift in sales, with many businesses already using Customer Data Platforms to take advantage.

Join experts from ClickZ Intelligence and customer data platform specialists Fospha as we deep-dive into personalization, focusing on the importance of centralizing all your customer data, as a base for your data-driven marketing activities, and how an effective customer hub enables you to better target customers based on needs, interests and behavior to increase sales.

We will discuss:

  • The importance of getting the right data
  • Using data to build and manage rich customer profiles
  • How to use machine learning and AI to effectively target segments
  • The keys to crafting a seamless, personalized experience


  • Moderator: Linus Gregoriadis, Senior Consultant, ClickZ Intelligence 
  • Helen Overland, eCommerce and Personalization Specialist, Staples
  • Sean Flavin, Digital Marketing Technology and Operations, McKinsey
  • Jane Wong, Engagement Manager, McKinsey
  • Sam Carter, Director, Fospha