Websourced cleanup not done yet?

It looks like WebSourced’s corporate parent, Think Partnership, is not done with its recent corporate cleanout.

A ClickZ reader points us to a job posting from Friday for the CFO position at WebSourced, currently held by Jody Brown. UPDATE: According to a Think Partnership spokesperson, Brown is not being forced out, but is moving up the corporate ladder. It seems Brown has been doing double duty as CFO of Think Partnership and WebSourced. He’ll be moving to Chicago to focus on the parent company, with a new CFO for WebSourced reporting in to him.

In addition, some of our readers were less than convinced by the company’s assertions that WebSourced president Pat Martin had not been fired, but was taking personal time off and was scheduled to return to work last week. We have been assured that he is indeed back at work, with no indications that he is going anywhere.

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