Weinstein Bros Name Digital Agency for New Company

As it prepares to launch its first film, “Derailed,” The Weinstein Company anointed Deep Focus as its digital agency of record.

The Brooklyn-based agency will handle all online media planning, ad creative, and public relations for the client — a new venture by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the legendary Hollywood duo who founded Miramax in 1979.

It’s a big win. The Weinstein brothers will release nine films in the next six months, and they’re developing for TV as well. Their choice of agencies doesn’t come as a shock, however. Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer was VP of new media at Miramax and Dimension Films before he founded his firm.

“These guys have been marketing vanguards for so long. They’ve basically changed the way Hollywood advertises products,” said Schafer. “For us to be part of that and look at how to use their principles and strategies and adapt them for the interactive medium… is tremendous.”

Additionally, Schafer said the agreement stipulates Deep Focus will bring film development ideas to the Weinsteins, leveraging the agency’s knowledge of bleeding edge culture online. “We’re acting as trend-watchers,” he said. “We have a catbird seat in terms of seeing what’s hot with today’s youth.”

Upcoming titles from The Weinstein Company include “The Matador,” “Wolf Creek,” “Kill Bill:NC 17,” “Breaking and Entering,” “Scary Movie 4” and “Sin City 2.”

Schafer called the deal “a long time coming.”

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