Welch’s Asks Consumers to Pass a Glass

passtheglass-to-danConcord, Massachusetts-based juices, jams, jellies and spreads company Welch’s has launched its Pass the Glass campaign, which it says uses “the power of the grape vine to help families in need” by asking consumers to use Twitter’s Vine app.

From November 26 to December 23, Pass the Glass asks consumers to shoot six-second Vine videos of someone receiving, taking a sip of and then passing off a glass of juice and posting it to their social channels with the hashtag #ShareWhatsGood. Welch’s says it is populating its Pass the Glass website with the videos, where it hopes to create “the world’s longest Vine video.”

As of December 6, the site has about 160 videos.

According to Dan Bailin, client strategist at advertising and marketing agency the Via Agency, which created the campaign, the brand has received some “amazing ones” that are creative and/or funny, such as a ballroom dancer with juice.

“It’s really amazing to see participation and our community getting involved,” Bailin adds.

For each video posted, Welch’s says it will “pass along” a bottle of its Sparkling Grape Juice Cocktail to every family helped by the nonprofit hunger relief program Family-to-Family, which numbers about 505. Furthermore, Welch’s says if it receives 505 videos, participants will also receive a free bottle of Welch’s Sparkling juice.

Welch’s says Pass the Glass furthers its Share What’s Good mission, which it says “inspires moms to find time to connect with family, capture their families’ favorite moments and share them socially online.”

“When we were looking at how to activate our brand purpose – particularly around the idea of Share What’s Good and how to make consumers understand the purpose we play in their lives with connection moments and shared experiences, the idea that came to us via our agency Via was to use Vine as a way to bring this experience to consumers. We wanted to encourage them to participate and share family moments,” says Welch’s marketing director Karen Mitchell.

According to Bailin, Welch’s target is Milliennial moms in their mid-20s to early 30s.

“Welch’s and Via recognize the importance of really resonating with that consumer [and that she has] a different way she consumes media and a different set of priorities,” Bailin says. “Vine is burgeoning and exciting.”

Promotion is limited to promoted Facebook posts.

Saying Welch’s wanted it “to be much more grassroots,” Bailin adds, “We want to activate our community…more than searching outside that community, we want to use the core and promote sharing within those networks.”

Welch’s has about 555,000 Facebook fans.

“What we love about Family-to-Family is that it is based on families and interacting and helping other families, which ties back to what we do best,” Mitchell says. “We’re a relatively small company. Everyone knows of Welch’s, but we’re relatively small, so it’s nice to align with an organization that is also kind of small. We felt we could make a difference and help them raise awareness so more people help them out and join them.”

According to Bailin, Pass the Glass has resulted in a 10x lift in traffic to the Family-to-Family page on Welch’s site and a 25x lift in the number of consumers talking about Welch’s on their social channels.

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