Welcome to the Workin’ Web: Crazy Jobs Classifieds Space

classified_ads.gifA couple recent ventures show the online jobs classifieds space is still zigging as it zags. First off, free online classifieds site LiveDeal will distribute SimplyHired.com’s job listings on the LiveDeal site.

Jobs-only classifieds site SimplyHired has been looking to get its listings out there via other sites. In June, the company began powering a job search area on MySpace, the first of what promised to be multiple integrations with Fox Interactive Media properties. What started as a summer job-focused search on MySpace is now a back-to-school themed search in the hopes of attracting college kids, according to SimplyHired Marketing VP Phil Carpenter, whom I chatted with last week.

LiveDeal classifieds are free, other than jobs and business services ads, which cost $9.95 per listing. The company in July sealed an agreement with e-commerce transaction firm AdStar to combine LiveDeal’s Web classifieds and local newspaper print classifieds.

Another more niche job classifieds endeavor comes from Forbes.com and career matching portal QuietAgent.com. Forbes’s new career section allows execs to post profiles and job/salary requirements, blocking specific companies from accessing them. Job seekers are contacted by invitation and can choose how to proceed with the potential employer.

TheLadders does something similar, allowing upper management types and recruiters to subscribe to match execs to top tier positions.

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