What Are the Top 5 Brand Pages on Foursquare?

What are the most popular brand pages on Foursquare?

According to Foursquare’s blog, the top five brand pages in 2010 – based on the number of followers – were:

Brand Followers
MTV 118, 370
Bravo 114,202
History Channel 101,352
Zagat 97,883
VH1 76,494

The number of MTV followers on Foursquare is only a fraction of followers and fans it has on other social networks. For instance, 14.6 million people said they “like” MTV on Facebook and nearly 1.1 million followed MTV on Twitter as of Jan. 24.

In contrast, Zagat’s is another story. A total of 12,000 people on Facebook say they like Zagat’s, while it has 161,000 followers on Twitter.

Bravo TV worked with Foursquare to promote a New Year’s Eve TV special, for instance. In a scrollbar on the bottom of the TV screen, Bravo featured the first name, last initial, photo, and hometown of people who checked into Bravo on Foursquare when the program was televised.

In other stats, Foursquare said it recorded 381 million check-ins worldwide over the year and that it grew by 3,400 percent. If the percentage change is based on check-ins, it would mean Foursquare recorded 11.2 million check-ins during 2009.

Foursquare also listed other top three locations by category including top train station (New York Penn Station), top hotel (Ace in New York City), and other fun facts.

Foursquare also said it reached a milestone last week: six million people have signed up to use the service. However, it did not disclose how many of those account holders are active each month.

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